Our Mission & Values


Our Mission

S.A.F.E. House exists to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs that might otherwise be euthanized due to illness, injury or overpopulation and place them in loving, permanent homes.

We also exist to educate the public about spaying and neutering of animals, heartworm and flea prevention and behavioral issues regarding dogs and puppies.

In doing so, we will cooperate with and support other animal rescue organizations and shelters.


Our Values

We believe that all dogs have value. The value of the dog is not based on pure-bred lineage or the monetary value assigned by society or the marketplace.

We believe that all dogs should be spayed or neutered to prevent further unwanted animals.

We believe that all dogs deserve a permanent, loving home of their own.

We believe that in the temporary absence of a loving, permanent home, dogs should receive foster care in carefully selected homes in order to better evaluate and prepare the dog for placement in a permanent home.

We believe that all dogs should reside primarily inside the home as a member of the family.

We believe that all dogs should receive a high quality pet food, water, shelter and protection from harm.

We believe that all dogs deserve routine veterinary care, including veterinarian recommended immunizations, heartworm prevention and flea prevention.

We believe that all dogs deserve prompt, competent and compassionate veterinary services for illness or injury.

We believe that all dogs should wear collars with identification tags at all times.

We believe that all dogs and their human companions benefit from basic obedience lessons.

We believe that humane euthanasia should be used as a last resort to end undue pain and suffering or for an aggressive or dangerous dog.

We believe that sharing one's life with a dog enriches both lives immeasurably.